There's too much to see是什么歌

歌曲: I ll Follow The Night
歌手: Ruslana

歌曲名:I ll Follow The Night  
所属专辑:《Wild Energy》

作词:Tim Carr  作曲:严爵  

语言:  大小:0 B  时长:00:00秒  
比特率:80K  评分:0.0分

介绍:《I ll Follow The Night》 是 Ruslana 演唱的歌曲,时长00分00秒,由Tim Carr作词,严爵作曲,如果您觉得好的话,就把这首歌分享给您的朋友共同查看歌词,一起支持歌手Ruslana吧!

Once The Night Comes
No need to be
Worried, I'll see
Wandering far, far away
There's too much to see
But I am too sleepy
I'll happily follow you
falling sun
Wake me, when we
Can go our and be
Wanderers far, far away
Together we'll hold hands
Whatever happens
I'm happy to be there with you
Birds fly and go by
The daylight, all my
Worries are far, far away
Hodling our hands
We'll see what happens
I'll happily follow you
falling sun
Finally I see
I'm not too sleepy
Oh my! The sight to be seen
Sliver of silver
The moon shows and it glows
Once the night comes to life
Once the night comes to life
Sleepy but safer
Right now I saviour
My pillow and silk linen sheets
作词:Tim Carr